Essay on Dog Ownership Reduces Stress And Chances Of Depression

Essay on Dog Ownership Reduces Stress And Chances Of Depression

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Did you know that dog ownership reduces stress and chances of depression? Dogs are truly man’s best friend because they make people all around better off, both physically and emotionally. This Pedigree advertisement is targeted towards individuals that do not own dogs because they will see the happiness that dogs bring to their lives in this advertisement. There are two images; the only difference between the two is that one has a dog and one doesn’t. The small change in the image makes a huge impact in how it is perceived. Pedigree uses this advertisement to show that they truly care about the wellbeing of dogs, build the audiences trust in the company, connect emotionally with the audience, and promote adoption.
The Pedigree advertisement has two copies of similar picture side by side with one small difference, one has and dog and the other doesn’t. The picture without the dog has a man standing on a beach on a dark, gloomy day. He is alone, looking down towards the sand where footprints are scattered across the beach as if something was recently playing there. In the picture to the right, a dog is placed in front of the man. Now that the dog is in front of the man, he is now looking down towards the dog instead of an empty beach. The dog looks eager to play as he gazes up at the man. Above the man and the dog, there is a quote that states, “a dog makes your life happier. Adopt.” In the upper right corner of the picture is the Pedigree logo. This logo uses bright blue and yellow colors so it will be noticed, but it doesn’t draw attention away from the main images of the advertisement because it is very small. These two images have much more meaning behind them than just a picture with a dog added. Something as simple as addin...

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...pted"). This quote shows how bad conditions truly are in animal shelters and is meant to make people want to adopt, donate, or volunteer.
This advertisement does so much even the simplicity of it. A lot more could have been done with the image on the right, but by simply adding a dog to the image completely changes the feel of the picture. It uses appeal pathos to make the advertisement emotionally connect with people. The appeal of ethos is also used to build trust in the company. The advertisement targets non dog owners to become dog owners by comparing someone without a dog and someone with one. They also instill trust in their company by encouraging people to adopt dogs. Pedigree uses this advertisement to show that they truly care about the wellbeing of dogs, build the audiences trust in the company, connect emotionally with the audience, and promote adoption.

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