Does Violence Have A Place? Children 's Literature? Essay

Does Violence Have A Place? Children 's Literature? Essay

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Is exposing young children to violence in literature beneficial to their development? The article, “Does Violence Have a Place in Children’s Literature?”, by Megan Creasey delivers insight on how violence placed in children 's stories can be beneficial to their development. Creasey appeals to logic by providing statistics on why violence in literature can be a good thing. However, the article was lacking in diversity of point of views. Sources used by Creasey, compiled a clear image on the pros of violence in literature but, not on the cons. The information itself was well presented and coincide with Creasey’s thesis to show beneficial traits of having violence in children’s literature.

By integrating paraphrases throughout the article, Creasey gives the reader a background on how long violence has been present in literature. Evidence of children’s stories containing violence date back to Victorian and didactic literature. While it has been present in writing for ages, “It’s only in recent decades that the place of violence in children 's books has been so vigorously questioned” (p. 31) Nimon (1993). As pointed out by Creasey and her various sources throughout the article, violence is a human trait that has never been successfully eradicated from everyday knowledge and many children experience violence from the world around them. This subject would be difficult to completely ban violence from popping up in any sort of literature, including children’s stories. Creasey talks about how some teachers have tried to ban violent stories in their classrooms, but “When teachers do not allow young boys to read or create the kinds of fiction that most interest them, they could be squelching potential literary lovers’ interests of any kind” ...

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... question if exposing your children to violence through literature is a good thing or not, and it certainly has its benefits to their cognitive development. Creasey wrote about many different topic points pertaining to how violence should be delivered to children. While most pieces of literature pertaining to violence has been deemed worthwhile, it still is important to monitor how much violence children are exposed to. As humans, violence will never be fully eradicated from our primal behaviors. So it is best to make sure children learn about how to handle violence and find other ways to deal with those situations, instead of going through life thinking violence is the only solution. Creasey’s points stayed concise throughout the article, showing us how learning about violence in a controlled environment, like literature, can benefit the child throughout their life.

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