Essay on Does The Second Amendment Have A Place On College Campuses?

Essay on Does The Second Amendment Have A Place On College Campuses?

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Does the Second Amendment Have a Place on College Campuses?
Should students with concealed weapons permits be allowed to carry on campus? In light of the recent campus shootings, this question becomes more pressing. The issue is stark, would more defensive weapons on campus reduce the number of fatalities? This essay is in support of allowing guns on campus. Fair disclosure, this author is a cwp holder.
There is an organization devoted to allowing students to carry concealed, Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC). It is made up of students and former students, lobbying at the state level to change campus policies. They have an excellent website outlining many of the arguments and backing their point of view up with studies and statistics.
The basic question of whether licensed guns on campus could prevent deaths is largely theoretical, since most campus do not allow them, and, while sensational, school shootings are extremely rare. As the SCCC website states, permit holders are only about 1%-3% of the population (common argument 27). This would make the odds that an armed civilian would be in the room with an active shooter low. The majority of current campus policies makes the odds that someone could defend themself zero. While we cannot prove that allowing guns on campus would save lives, America’s gun laws are predicated on the second amendment, and the prevailing reasoning is that guns should be legal unless there is a good cause to ban them.
One of the objections to allowing students to carry is the fear of unfettered access to firearms, turning campuses into war zones. Many point out the relative youth on campus, the consumption of alcohol, and the greater frequency of suicide as a triad against all...

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...on would believe that the answer to disease is more viruses.”
The answer to bullets flying is not more bullets flying.
Actually, the answer to bullets flying is almost always more bullets flying. That’s why the police bring so many guns with them when they respond to a report of ‘shots fired.’ (Common argument 19, 20)
To allay opponents’ fears, colleges could add some further restrictions, such as additional registration, rules about storage or holstering regulations could be implemented. Car owners face additional regulations on campus. There is no reason something similar couldn’t be done for gun owners. If someone showed signs of mental illness or alcohol abuse, their rights could be revoked. It isn’t legal gun owners carrying concealed that are the problem, so they shouldn’t be restricted from protecting themselves and us from the madmen of the world.

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