Does Substance Use Increase Violence in Adolescents? Essay

Does Substance Use Increase Violence in Adolescents? Essay

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With different types of violence happening in all aspects of human life, and our perpetrators seemingly getting younger it brings to bear the question what role substance use has in crime. Crime comes in many forms, for example Cyber Bulling, Assaults, Intimate Partner Violence to name a few.
Adolescent Suicide Cyber Bullying and Physical Assaults
Suicide is the third leading cause of death (Murphy et al. 2012) If it is a crime or not is debatable. Suicide has historically been treated as a criminal matter in many parts of the world. However, the decriminalization of individual suicides has occurred in western societies (Wikipedia). Alcohol/ Illicit drug use is the prime behavior or risk factor associated with bullying and suicide. Conversely Victimization as a result of bullying shows an increase potential to adolescent alcohol/ drug use (Mitchell et al. 2007; Windle 1994). Other results from the studies of bullying victimization, and Alcohol use suggest that experiences of bullying creates an adverse cognitive process that increases the chance that an adolescent will use alcohol/illicit drugs. Using alcohol as a mechanism to deal with undesirable effects is reflective of research done in the past about the cause of adolescent substance use (Sher, Grekin, and Williams 2005). There are other studies that have shown substance use may have a cyclical relation in the ongoing effect of victimization and victimizing. The result is that substance use may facilitate young people that are already having suicidal thoughts to act upon them by decreasing inhibitions and raising destructive behaviors (Gould et al. 1998).
Association Between Adolescent Drinking and Adult Violence
The usage of alcohol plays a substantial part in t...

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...the conflict in adolescent dating relationships inventory. Psycholog- ical Assessment, 13, 277–293.
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