Teenage Domestic Violence

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Parental domestic violence can influence teenagers ability to have healthy relationships. Children and young people may be significantly affected by living with domestic violence and impact can endure even after measures have been taken to secure their safety. The teenage violence has affected many of the secondary schools in today’s society. Violence and abuse toward an intimate partners is arguably the most common form of violence is society. Teenage abuse has always been prosecuted in the United States under existing assault and battery statutes. In a survey conducted in Massachusetts in 1999, one in five female high school students said that a dating partner had physically or sexually abused them and these young women elevated odds of engaging in risky behaviors. Teen Dating Violence Education Programs should be mandatory. At least fourteen states have followed the example of the Lindsay Ann Burke Act and passed laws to support the education of teen dating violence. Ann Burke argues that all students should learn about dating violence so that they can be able to protect themselves from harm and danger. Since the passage of the Lindsay Ann Burke Act, physical teen dating violence rates have decreased tremendously from 14% in 200 to 10% in 2009.
According to the author Dingfelder Sadie F., claims that many people are unaware of the prevalence of teen dating violence. Even though there have been many heartening successes, says Sadie, getting people to take teen dating violence seriously sometimes feels like an uphill battle. Prosecution guidance is needed to be drawn towards young teenagers who are been physically abused, bullied or suffer from other forms of “dating abuse” in their relationships. Majority of the teenagers tend...

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...f the women has been victimized throughout their relationships. Even now in society, violent rap lyrics make listeners more accepting of violence. All over the world, teenage do campaigns to stop the violence of dating. Surveyed by college students from around the world, majority says that the women are most likely to commit as much as domestic violence than men. As so, it has also been acknowledge that men are most likely to commit or physically abuse their other mates. Actually, men and women assault one another at approximately equal rates and do so for similar reasons.
In conclusion of, teenage dating violence can affect relationships in multiple ways. Now in society, many studies are making dating violence a trending topic and a eye opener. It causes a variety of problems such as depression, disorder eating, drinking and smoking wise, and frequently sex wise.
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