Essay on Do Violent Video Games Contribute? Youth Violence?

Essay on Do Violent Video Games Contribute? Youth Violence?

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Arizmendi, Anthony
Mr. Anderson
Period 4
23 February 2015
Do Violent Video Games Contribute to Youth Violence?
The children roaming in our present society have gotten more violent, their minds are slowly corrupting as the generations pass by, and all for what? This dramatic change in society is being brought by present day video games, which ultimately contribute to youth violence, for they alter behavior and can be seen in the daily, natural lives of the kids in today’s environment.
Other people may argue that violent video games do not affect people’s behavior at all. Cheryl Olson, Lawrence Kutner, and Dorothy Warner said that “Playing violent video games reduces violence in teenage boys by replacing rough housing. Playing violent video games allows teenage boys show their anger and create peace with his friends without anyone getting hurt”. This quote is significant because it shows how violent video games can have a good outcome on the youth. Also violent video game is a good anger reliever because it takes out a lot of anger out. Cheryl Olson and various contributors said that “Playing violent games provides a safe channel for aggressive and mad feelings. A 2007 study reported that 45% of boys played video games because “it helps me get my anger out” and 62% played because it “helps me relax””. However this is a bad habit to give to children which is substituting something bad to a little less bad. Dave Grossman and Gloria DE Gaetano said “Violent video games cause the person to experience happiness and pleasure when causing someone else pain”. If children get use to causing pain up to the point where they feel pleasure for causing it, how do you think they will act in their future? Certainly not in a positive way and t...

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