Essay about Divorce, Step Parenting, And Immigration

Essay about Divorce, Step Parenting, And Immigration

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There is no true definition in what makes the family. Constant changes happen since the society in which we live in is evolving at a constant rate. This evolvement that is taking place has changed the idea of an ideal family. Many years back family meant a married heterosexual couple with 1.5 kids. Truth is that this is not ideal for everyone. After challenging this ideal family structure it has been concluded that family forms and functions are different. Therefore this paper will address some changes in the family such as divorce, step parenting, and immigration, how these new changes play a significant role in family diversity.
Change #1- Divorce
Due to irreconcilable differences many couples end up getting a divorce. Divorce is defined as both married parties agreeing that they no longer want to be together. Ideally it is believed that when two decide to marry is forever, but this is not the truth in some cases. Divorces become hard when children are in the middle. Divorces now being more common and acceptable are becoming a new way of the family. Divorce is a socially constructed concept in which enforces marital status. Divorces are often seen as a controversial thing because often the community of the parties demonstrates their disapproval in the step one decided to take. Also because the majority id the stigma that comes with the divorce is directed to the women. In the reading by Michele Adams and Scott Coltrane, Framing Divorce Reform, demonstrates how divorce has gone through different phases throughout time. The first phase is Fault Divorce. In this phase there has to be someone to blame for adulterer. The second phase is No Fault Divorce. in this phase obtaining a divorce is harder for the women, beca...

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...families once migrated deepening on the location where they end up.
Family constantly evolving allows for new forms of family structures to be considered acceptable among society. Every person has a different lifestyle that means they will have a different perspective of what a family should consist of. Divorce, step parenting, and immigration are all new structures of family that can be either beneficial or a disadvantage to families. These three forms of families are normalized structures that individuals accept and respect because it is understood that everyone is different and have different circumstances. Due to the changes in society, other factors change as well, but all constant changes lead to new evolvements that make the family structures even more interesting and acceptable among the society we live in, by not neglecting new forms or ways.

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