Divorce As It Affects Adolescents Essay

Divorce As It Affects Adolescents Essay

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Divorce as It Affects Adolescents
Decades of statistical data have indicated a high prevalence of divorce rates in modern society. In the past decade North America has seen has seen rising rates of divorce and it is now assumed that approximately half of all marriages will end in divorce or separation (Stroksen & Roysamb, 2006). The effects of divorce go far beyond the couple choosing to part ways. It
affects their social ties and family members with the biggest impact being on the children of the dissolved marriage (Hartman, 2011). Though the effects on offspring of divorce parents are small on a general mean, its high occurrence is a concern as it has led to high number of children and adolescents with numerous adjustment problems.
According to Erikson (1968), defines adolescents as a period of time when the formation of identity occurs and brings with it many challenges. More recently, research around the effects of parental divorce have focused on the different ways adolescents react and adjust to it. Though a multitude of categories are being looked at in this field of research, a large amount has focused on parental divorce being associated with adolescent dating relationships, subjective well-being and depression. Regardless of the different methods used, it is clear through literature that experiencing divorce at the time of adolescents affects an individual’s adjustment process.
Literature Review
A major developmental task in adolescents is the establishment of romantic relationships. Typically, the age of 16-17 is when the majority of this age group begin to date (Carver et al. 2003) Ivanova, Mills & Veenstra (2011) hypothesised that adolescents whose parents had divorced would experience briefer, short lived first ti...

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...ndependent variable such as length of marriage, time spent apart, amount of siblings, cultural values, mental health and medical histories, SES and many more. It would also be very hard to ensure reliability of a sample being representative of a whole population due to these differences. However, it is clear that in western culture dating, well-being and depression are common in adolescents with divorced parents from the abundance of evidence supplied by the provided studies. In virtually all of the studies provided adolescents of divorce were more deeply affected in all three explored topics than their peers whose families were intact. Each issue highlighted the need for cohesiveness in both parent-parent and parent-adolescent relationships following the initial divorce to ensure adjustment in adolescents is not affected past the first two years and into long term.

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