Pros And Cons Of Free Trade

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What is free trade?
Trade is one of the most important features for a successful economy although trades cannot always be so great they are by affected tariffs, quotas, subsidies or prohibitions by the country’s domestic government. This is where free trade comes into place. It is trade between countries is when there is a policy of no barriers to trade between the countries. This means the policy allows for the unlimited import and export of goods between the countries. The objective is to strengthen trade and commercial ties between the countries. Free trade agreements [FTAs] can be between two countries and/or multiple countries in a region. FTAs are often referred to as an international treaty between the countries and are sanctioned by
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Free trade has numerous effects on economies with these including both positives and negatives. Many people question if free trade is truly beneficial for countries’ economies. Some of the main pros and cons of free trade include competitive advantage, consumer benefit, employment opportunities, foreign exchange gains, positive market influence, economic growth, security, capital input, these are main pros of free trade and the main cons include Workers conditions, local producers and jobs, impact on culture, economic dependence and inequality. All of these headings will be discussed now starting with the pros and then finishing with the cons.
Competitive advantage
Supporters of FTAs between countries believe that if a country has enough capacity and capability to produce a marketable product it gives them a competitive advantage to supply that product at a lower cost. Other countries that then have the capacity and capability to produce alternate products competitively can then trade with the other country for mutual benefit.
Consumers benefit
When imported products have reduced or no tariffs, they will be cheaper for consumers to buy.
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Economic growth
Supporters believe that the more FTAs a country has, the more profitable it will be. The reason being, the country has the capacity and capability to produce products cheaply that are in demand which means it can import products cheaply which is all good for the economy. Security

People believe that FTAs can help make the world a safer place because to promote global trade between countries allows them to build a relationship with each other that they do not want to jeopardise. This results in less conflict.
Capital Input
FTAs result in more money in the local economy of the countries which means those countries will have more money to spend internally to help the local economy. For example, entrepreneurs who sell their products to other countries are bringing their money back to the local market. The more they are successful, the greater the amount of money returned.
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