Essay about The Diversification of Congress: Beneficial, Pernicious or Benign?

Essay about The Diversification of Congress: Beneficial, Pernicious or Benign?

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The Diversification of Congress; Beneficial, Pernicious or Benign?
Although the 113th Congress is the most diverse in (Jennifer E. Manning)Gender 98 Women, Ethnicity, Religion 18 specific, Occupations 16 specific, age, sexual orientation 7 openly gay or bisexual and abilities. Yet, it is the most unproductive Congress of more than 60 years! This class, plagued with indications of Internalized oppression and self-destruction, has produced less than 50 laws and has no adherence to the budget timeline this session. (Steny Hoyer)

Five Things you need to know about it
The Republican Party “GOP (Grand Old Party) (Barone) runs on a plat form of traditional values. This is also known as Social Conservatism which in actuality discriminates against laws or civil actions that promote fairness for women and some minorities, claiming affirmative action is reverse discrimination. This party’s members faithfully attend CPAC and are funded by well-known (Zeskind) white nationalist groups as the (The ACU) ACU and the Tea Party; who’s spokesmen are in favor of national Identity for white people.

Following the U.S. census, (Law)all local, state and federal election districts must be re-mapped to account for a growing and mobile population. There are strict rules regarding redistricting, each state has autonomy to make their own decisions. American attempts to tailor district lines for political gain stretch back to the country's very origin. Patrick Henry, who opposed the new Constitution, tried to draw district lines to deny a seat in the first Congress.

Filibuster have road blocked progress, this tactic is invoked to prevent a voted. (wolfe)Congressmen from either party have prevented timely votes therefore preventing the topic to come to ...

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