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Distorted Views of Beauty Essay

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Everyone has a quirk about themselves that they wish they could change, but why? Why do we try so hard to impress others? If everyone in this world was blind we would not even think twice about stepping outside of the house with no makeup on and our hair up in a messy bun, so why do we care so much if people do see our imperfections? A lot of women believe that they can not be beautiful if they don’t look like the 98-pound super model on the cover of Vogue Magazine. Society has ruined the way that people think, everyone now believes that you can not be remembered if they are not skinny and gorgeous.
In the book Wasted, Marya depends on others to tell her how she should look. There is an unhealthy cycle that the women in Marya’s family follow. Her mother and grandmother both have issues with food and are constantly telling Marya that she needs to lose weight and remind her that she is not perfect. (Hornbacher, 44) “…look, peer, examine, critique. Frontal view first. Legs too short, too round, thighs touch. Seventeen Magazine advises that thighs should not touch. Mine touch. I suck. It’s all over. How can I hide it?” Like most girls, Marya has been told how to look; she can not accept herself for whom she is because long-legged and slender is far more appealing then someone with short legs and no thigh gap. Marya will go to insane lengths to have a slender body type. She will stop at nothing, not even death, to be referred to as underweight. Marya believes that the only way to get somewhere in life and have people accept you is to starve yourself. People who eat are weak and fat in Marya’s eyes. Marya eventually receives treatment for her eating disorder, but only after many years of destroying her body by starvation...

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...ned almost as much as the work he did as President.
No matter our age, gender or ethnicity we can all admit one thing, we want to impress others. Appearance does matter. We have to be satisfied with our appearance and not compare ourselves to fake photo-shopped pictures in magazines. Our view of perfection is affected by who we are and where we live, and our own self-esteem. While finishing this project, I have concluded that many people are often unable to see their own beauty, because they are too busy worshipping models and actresses that have spent millions of dollars on their looks, or listening to bad advice from others telling them they need to change. Appearance is important because it is often the first impression we make on others. But in order to be satisfied with our outside appearance, we have to be satisfied with ourselves on the inside first.

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