Distinguishing Science and Pseudoscience Essay

Distinguishing Science and Pseudoscience Essay

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To be able to demarcate science from non-science is immensely important, for our society, and its individuals. Science is our main source of knowledge and as such has many applications in our daily lives, and we need to be able to distinguish scientific findings and information from the many ideas and unbacked theories which are presented to large parts of the population, appearing as if they are fact. This may include something as fickle as weight loss plans that use diction not easily understood by the public to make the product appear authorized, certified and scientifically sound, when really the product is not scientifically tested, or trials not done in a credible manner. Another, possibly more serious scenario is in education, particularly science, many supporters of creationism and other pseudo sciences incorporate these teachings in schools, teaching them as if they were approved scientific theories to impressionable children, some who grow up retaining those beliefs, they were wrongfully taught, as fact.
Also, being able to demarcate between science and non science and pseudo science is part of being scientifically literate, to not only be able to read and understand scientific findings and journals but to be able to critically distinguish between valid, trustworthy findings and theories or ideas presented in a scientific format without actually adhering to the scientific method and other requirements for scientific research.
Demarcation between science and non-science or pseudo science is particularly important in scientific education, as it determines, for almost every member of our society, what they will accept as true regarding science, particularly creationism and evolution. Having public ...

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...owever I do not agree with his views on how to look at theories once they are falsified, when a theory is proven to vague or has a discrepancy with the paradigm its currently in, I do not concede that the theory should always be thrown out, perhaps it should be revisited and evaluated to adapt to the problem, puzzle solve as Kuhn's principle describes, explore science objectively, not in the shadow of the preset laws of a paradigm, solving the puzzles that appear within a theory and treating them as authentic, taking seriously the possibly of the new theory being correct and the taking advantage of the ability to challenge and old paradigm.

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