Demotion of Pluto

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The controversy of Pluto can be observed from two different perspectives, the scientific way and from the eyes

of the public audience. Towards scientists despite that the solar system is exactly the same as it was in 2006, the

demotion of Pluto resulted into a less vague definition of the word "Planet" and lead to a step forward in the life of

science and technology. Although Pluto has many characteristics that make up a planet, it did not meet the

requirements of the new definition of the word "Planet" that was proposed by the IAU. Those characteristics were, it

orbits around the sun, has sufficient mass to assume hydrostatic equilibrium and has cleared the neighbourhood

around its orbit. However, the demotion of Pluto caused a lot of arguments and debates between Astronomers.

Astronomers in favour of that decision thought it was a revolution of science and the way it should be approached.

It wasn't until 2005 when Mike Brown discovered the "Kuiper Belt" which was said to be bigger than Pluto and

the doubts about Pluto being considered as a planet raised. Regardless of the amount of astronomers who agreed

about the demotion, a percentage of those scientists thought that word "Planet" is too vague. Still, having

subcategories such as "Gas Giants", "Terrestrial Planets (Pluto being one of them)" and "Asteroids". They also

thought that Pluto belonged there (Dwarf Planets) and it would more interesting to study it in that way. For instance,

some scientists though that this was a chance to teach kids that this is the nature of science. Things are always

changing so does our thoughts of how the solar system works.

On the other hand, many more astronomers disagreed on this situation which lead to a couple of

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... try to analyse how good

they covered the topic, you'll find that the topic was ignored unless it involved the public in it. Compared to which always had topics related to Pluto and recently in 2012, they released a new article about a new

moon orbiting Pluto. I guess the message that has been given to the public had a key role on the broader view of

science in people's eyes. It gave kids, the new generation of this new world the chance to explore new things and

discover new things to understand the truth behind this solar system. Also giving them the authority to modify the

past if it was wrong as long as it would make people more aware of the truth and improve their knowledge and lives.

It also clarifies any doubts about science not having its own authority and that its allowed to do whatever they want

unless it improves the life style of people.
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