Disney Tales By ' Fairy Tales ' Essay

Disney Tales By ' Fairy Tales ' Essay

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All Disney tales seem to have a pattern: a girl, a love interest, a battle and a fall.? All of us grew up listening and watching fairy tales , no thanks to the modern inventions and Disney which projected these tales half across the globe due to their larger than life corporation .These so called Disney tales only took the shape of what they are today to appease the society . Fairy tales always have had a special place in our lives . One of the quintessential memories that each child holds onto is of him or her being read some fairy tales . Disney tales are inspired by many other famous authors Grimm brothers being one of them . Most of these stories have been watered down to be more child-friendly over the years, with many of them eventually becoming Disney movies that were so different from the source material that you could hardly tell they were the same story. Of course, Disney didn 't only change the endings to Grimm stories. Hans Christian Andersen, Victor Hugo, and more famous authors had their works posthumously edited by Disney to include a happy ending .We know Disney likes to add a glossy sheen, a girl with a thin waist and thick hair, a cute comedy sidekick, and wedding bells to every traditional story – but how much did Walt & co. really change the plot? Originally the Grimm tales written in the the early 1800’s was deemed to be incredibly violent , destructive and immoral . The first edition of “Grimm’s Fairy Tales” was scholarly in tone, with many footnotes and no illustrations. As children became their main audience, did they take out some of the more adult content which is widely seen in the stories like pre marital sex , uber violence , mutilation etc . Following are a few of the most famous Disney tales ...

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Snow white is said to be “the fairest of them all” and her evil Stepmother is incredibly jealous and greedy . In order to become the fairest, she orders the huntsman to take Snow into the woods and brutally brig her to an end . The huntsman is told to bring back her heart as proof that he completed the task ordered by the queen . When the huntsman takes her to the forest , he decides he can not kill her and instead tells her to run far away and brings the heart of a boar back instead as a proof . Snow then finds the seven dwarfs in the woods and breaks into their home to rest and then they merrily become friends . One fine day naïve Snow is convinced by an old lady to eat an apple, the fruit causes Snow to falls into a deep sleep . She is awoken only by the kiss by her so called “true love”. Also in the Disney version the Queen

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