Essay about Disease Is A Constant Force

Essay about Disease Is A Constant Force

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According to Aberth, "disease is a constant force in human history that has had much more than just demographic repercussions"(Aberth 2007, Pg.X). It has created fear, awareness, pain and frustration for the lack of knowledge of it cause. In 1500 through the 20th century, the primary reasons for disease to spread so effectively are animals, trade routes and colonization/ imperialism. The disease was widely spread through warm climate and the geographic of the world because the virus host bacteria was able to grow and attack the human body.
Disease were widely spread through human and animal contact. During the hunting and gathering era, humans had little contact with animals because the only contact ,they had with animal was capturing and preparing it for food. However, once human settled down and began an agricultural society; they become more involved with animals by raising them for food. In the film, "Secrets of the Dead: Killer Flu", the flu was spread through wild birds to chicken to pigs to humans because people kept these animals together in small stable which was easily for the disease to spread to animal to animal and once the human ate the animal containing these flu, they would get sick and spread to their families. The ways human came contact with the disease was through infectious body fluid (such as discharged from the eyes, nose and mouth), the air in the environment and the water soluble. During the mining era, human were exposed to toxic air through coal mining and leaved in underground tunnels that never received any fresh air. So when miners got sick, it was easier for disease to spread because the tunnels were overcrowded and the miners did not have the proper hygiene such as covering their mouth when cough...

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...nal hygiene, and compulsory registration of all medical practitioners.
In conclusion, the spread of disease was widely involved with animals, colonization/imperialism and trade route. The major wide spread of disease is trade route because people were sometime trading illegally and their product was not tested before being sold and fleas that were in animal fur containing the virus of different disease would easily spread. Colonization/imperialism created fear to the indigenous people because they were separated from families and their culture was demolished. The missionary found the opportunity to spread Christianity by feeding lies of their God and how the disease is spread because of his wrath of wickedness and sins of the people. The spread of disease was involved in warm climate that will help the development of the virus to grow and attack the immune system.

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