Disabled Women And Domestic Violence : Making The Links, A National Uk Study

Disabled Women And Domestic Violence : Making The Links, A National Uk Study

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Brittney K. Salinas
Domestic Violence

Hague, G., Thiara, R., & Mullender, A. (2011). Disabled women and domestic violence: making the links, a national UK study. Psychiatry, Psychology & Law, 18(1), 117-136.

The authors of this article associated the comparisons between women with a particular disability and those women who have experienced domestic violence in their lives. They were able to gather enough information to support their claim that focused on the depth of the number of women affected from their experiences among violence and abuse. They have also identified specific ideas that focused on the situation of abuse that these women with disabilities experienced. The authors also identified some examples that made their research even more interesting with the evidence that were gathered to discuss more about the topic. Based on the previous studies, the authors have declared that disabled women tend to experience much more abuse and violence than women who do not experience the exact kind of violence. They expect that disabled women will experience domestic violence due to their vulnerability when facing their intimate partner. On the other hand, they expect that women who are disabled to progress with the right services about the policies that need to be taken into consideration.
The authors of this article had several notions that focused on the abuse between women with a disability and women who were not. They focused on other notions that have impacted families in dysfunctional homes undergoing abuse and violence. They also mentioned how it can affect a woman’s self-esteem and it could also affect children living in those conditions. In my opinion, I definitely agree that it can affect a woman’s own sel...

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...and it could to anybody. It also informed me that individuals with disabilities are being taken advantaged because of their vulnerability.
I’m very interested in reading more about this topic and about the issue. This was something that changed my perspective about domestic violence. This topic is tied to plenty of other studies and literature behind this crime for the researchers to make things better for the future. The authors and researchers from others studies about this topic tie adequate information to possibly make a difference in providing disabled people the opportunity to speak up about their experiences. I’m surprised that the organizations I mentioned earlier don’t necessarily provide enough assistance for domestic violence victims. This issue needs to be taken into consideration and it needs to be stopped in order to save lives throughout the world.

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