The Director Cites The Bible Passage Into, And The Words Essays

The Director Cites The Bible Passage Into, And The Words Essays

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Beginning of the film, the director cites the Bible passage into, and the words are indeed spiritual in some way throughout the whole movie.

Vinson was born in an era of gene Viva, during years in that wonderful (?), Each individual before birth, can be checked through sophisticated, will identify all gene defects, genetic everyone will In this close inspection database is put into being, but also because of your genes is excellent, to determine your social status. In this world, the gene is your resume, all companies admitted to the line number of people to see not ability, but whether the gene is excellent.

Whether it is heart disease, genetic disease on the body, even to violence factor gene, deception factor, and even can live to teenage probability, etc., can be checked out, and then removed. Such action down through human born, his everything is perfect, intelligent, strong and healthy, even very long life. This man, known as "Valid" (passer).

Vincent is one of the exceptions, in order to prove that humanity itself also has its value, and his parents did not choose to make any deal with Vinson genes, choosing instead to natural production. After Vinson born, born amblyopia risk of heart disease and so on, granted, his DNA information is also sent to the repository stored, like Vinson this gene has not been any change in the person, it is called "Invalid "(unqualified person).

Vinson because of the painful experience, the parents finally gave up the idea of ​​this romantic nature, and the choice in Vinson 's brother Anton genetic screening body strengthening, Anton is such a social call qualifiers.

Vincent wanted to be an astronaut since childhood, he is also very hard work and serious, but parents always told him, ...

... middle of paper ... lost in the big waves being.

"We get back to the shore, and I can not see where we came coast." Exhausted brother shouted.

"Are you afraid of it? Want to go back to it? Anton, I can continue to swim it!" Shouted Vinson.

"Why? Why did you do this degree?" His brother said. "You obviously have a heart attack, has a bad genes!"

"Because I never look back, Anton." Vinson said. "Because I never look back."

Vinson has been unable to continue with the tour to go back to the shore brother, rescued a life brother did not arrest Vinson, so silent and left coast. Finally murderer surrendered before a check, he did not have any Gattaca inspectors violence genes, only killed because another inspector will launch a program more smoothly, so he took to kill the inspectors, the reasons for the surrender is has no plans to launch any external influence, so just surrender.

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