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Movie Assignment: Gattaca 1) What is the social construct reality? The Thomas Theorem? (chapter 4) How might it be illustrated in the film? Provide specific examples. As the textbook says, the social construct reality is the process by which people creativity shaped reality through social interaction. Social interaction has a lot to do with social construct reality. Social interaction is the process by which people act and react in relation to others. The Thomas Theorem is situations that are defined as real are real in their consequences, which is named after W.I. Thomas and Dorothy Thomas. The Thomas Theorem means that although reality initially “soft” as it is being shaped it can become “hard” in it effects. Throughout the film you can pick…show more content…
Every time he got a scrape, bump, or bruised it will cause him to be in a very fatal situation. In the film if you work at Gattaca as a janitor you were classified as the underclass. Even though Irene had a heart condition she was already accepted into Gattaca but she did not start as a janitor. Irene was higher up she did not have to go through what Vincent did to be Jerome Morrow. In this film females were excused from any heritable diseases. Vincent had to go all out to become a recognized by changing his…show more content…
Vincent had a hereditable disease, Vincent parents wanted to conceive another child named Anton which was what the parents wanted. Vincent was not perfect in his father eyes so they did not want to name him after his dad. The parents conceived a child that they wanted that is why Anton got his father name. Even though Vincent was not considered better than Anton, Vincent was always better in reality even with the heart condition. Gattaca was discriminate to the men who has a heritable disease. Those were the men who work as a janitor at Gattaca. The detectives found a hair particle that was not registered for Gattaca when they were trying to figure out who had killed the mission director, the detectives went outside of Gattaca looking for the low lives to blame which is called prejudice. In the film when the detective seen the real Jerome Morrow who got into an accident that put him in the wheel chair who is perfect the detective was discriminate to him because he was disable. The differences in the movie is that the women were treated better than men. Irene was excused from a lot of things. Irene had more privilege than the janitors even though she had a bad heart she was still in a higher position than Vincent who had cover up his real identity to be Jerome Morrow. In the film Irene said the reason why she was excused from her heart condition was because she was

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