Gattaca Movie Assignment: The Social Construction Of Reality

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Gattaca Movie Assignment 1) What is the social construction of reality? How might it be illustrated in the film? Provide specific examples. Social construction of reality is the act of a person shapes his reality following the ideas of a group or culture. In social construction of reality, we shape our beliefs and ideas because our social group beliefs on those ideas. The society creates its own definition of reality, and imposes rules for all individuals of the group. Communication is the essential tools for maintenance of the social structure. Our society for example, has the same jointly build ideas of the world, but other society in china for example has another group of ideas of the world. This is social construction of reality. Imagine…show more content…
Provide examples of how labels are used in the film and their effects on people. Be specific with your examples. Label theory is based in the idea that behaviors are irregular when the society labels them as irregular. The label theory implies that a person commits a crime in some time of a life, but that person is not seen as deviant, while other people are deviant. Label theory explains how a behavior of a person conflicts with the norms of the society. For example, A black young men, who lives in a neighborhood controlled by gangs may be labeled as a gang member. In consequence, that young man can start to act as gang member or became one. He incorporates the label that was given to him. In the movie Gattaca, the label was described with the two words Invalid or valid. Those words will define the social level of each one and that person will need to live with that label for the whole life. In the movie, Vincent was told that he will have a heart condition that he will not be capable to do things that the genetically perfect were capable to do, and he act like that in the beginner, when he could not follow his brother into the sea, but he surpass the label and showed that he could go further than his brother into the…show more content…
We can relate the discrimination and the prejudice to the color discrimination and prejudice in our reality. When some people say black skin people are not good and treat them bad and without respect. The difference between the movie and the realty was that in the movie the invalid was normal people and the valid was people created in laboratories without sickness of birth defects. The similarity was the way of one group sees another. The way the invalid looked to the valid as perfect and they never will be like them or have jobs like they had, and also the discriminatory way that the valid sees the invalid in the movie as degenerated
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