Different Types Of Veterinary Management Software

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There are many different types of veterinary management software in use today. The veterinary management software that a practice chooses is very important and can make or break a clinic and its staff. The software should be user friendly and easy to use as well as learn. Staff members shouldn’t be left struggling and taking up valuable time trying maneuver through the software. The software should also be reasonably priced and no require a lot of maintenance or IT help to function. Below are 3 of the top veterinary practice management software in use. I used six main criteria points to evaluate each of the programs: cost, user friendliness, features, product reviews, and IT support. Out the six, I believe that user friendliness is the most important because if a program isn’t easy to use it cost the clinic a lot in time as well as it can frustrate staff and clients. Idexx Neo is a new software backed by the company Idexx. I currently use Idexx machines in my practice so I was very interested in this new product. I watch the introductory video and learned that this new software costs about $249/month with a 2 year contract (the contract eliminates the $2,900 initial set up fee). The software, according to the website, will save practices money because it eliminates the need for a server since it uses the Cloud, it reduces IT costs, and it save employees time. It was created by a veterinarian and so theoretically encompasses everything a practice would want in a software. It has a lot of easy “One-Click” features to easily create a consultation from the schedule, convert an estimate to a patient consult, accept a payment from a patient consult and a one click view of financial activity. The software also allows for... ... middle of paper ... ... be. Also, the program has many great features especially the “one-click” option which helps to speed up creating appointments, estimates and taking payment. Time is very precious in veterinary clinics and anyway a program can help to create more of it is great! The cost of Idexx Neo was the most per month out of the three programs but I think in the long run with a 2 year contract you will save money. Unlike Avimark the program seemed to be all inclusive and not need additional support products. It is unfortunate that the program is missing treatment and kennel management components but it is not a deal breaker. Furthermore, the program is created by a large and reliable company, Idexx, that has always supported its products. Unlike Ezy-Vet and Avimark I believe that Idexx Neo would be the most cost-effective and user friendly program for a veterinary clinic.

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