Essay on Different Types Of Teaching Practices And School Environments

Essay on Different Types Of Teaching Practices And School Environments

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School Observations
Throughout my field visits to different schools, I encountered all different types of teaching practices and school environments . The first school I attended was Burger Middle School. While at Burger Middle School, I observed many classroom routines and procedures. For example, as a teaching method at Burger Middle School, students were put into groups of three. This method allowed the teacher to observe the whole class instead of students seated in the front. This teaching strategy, created student engagement because the seating arrangement allowed group work that created student discussion and collaboration. While touring the school, I saw a fantastic school atmosphere. There were plenty of classrooms used for subjects that included; art, math, technology( two rooms), a science and even a workout fitness center. As I walked around the school I saw a productive learning environment. There were posters on the wall about important historical figures like Mahatma Gandhi and Thomas Jefferson. Overall, I saw a safe and supportive learning environment at Burger Middle School. Based on my observations, I believe this school provides a high-quality education.
The next school that I visited was Honeoye Falls-Lima Middle School. There were many good teaching strategies I noticed during my visit. One classroom procedure I noticed was the use of group work to help students grasp reading material. During a 7th-grade history class, the teacher gave the class an assignment to read about the Iroquois Tribe. The students had to read a passage, highlight important parts of the selection, and have a group discussion about the material. An instructional strategy like this is great because it fosters in...

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...itresses, and worked as cooks in the kitchen. Overall I thought this was an excellent school atmosphere. It still sponsored learning, but in different skills and areas than a typical school. I witnessed teachers doing their best to teach their students to be professionals in their fields.
Out of all the schools, I believe I would fit into RAC the most. The main reason why this school would be the best fit for me because it is a school of mostly minorities that is predominately black. As an African American man, I feel that I can be a mentor to these young kids. While at RAC I did not see any teachers of color. I believe that these students need to see a black male role model in their lives, especially the ones potentially growing up in a single-parent home. Being a good role model to these students is one of the main reasons why I see RAC as the best fit for me.

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