Classroom Observation Essay

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For our school visits we went to Barr Middle School in Grand Island, NE and Northeast Elementary in Kearney, NE. My first thoughts about Barr Middle school were it was the biggest school I have ever been in bar none. I couldn’t believe that it had three different levels and each level was for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. My step sisters and step brother went to Barr during their middle school years and they always talked about how amazing that school was, and that it was extremely big, let’s just say it didn’t disappoint. The other school we visited was Northeast Elementary and I loved the vibes I got from the school. The school was very visual with things like having things on their walls and made me think of my old elementary. The teachers all around were extremely pleasant to be around, especially the teachers I was observing.
Classroom Management: For my classroom visit I had Mrs. Randall, and Mrs. Clausen, they were 6th grade math instructors. I really enjoyed this class just because of the fact that the teachers were so fun and how they managed their classroom was awesome. They had roughly 24 kids in their class and using a 2nd teacher in the classroom
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Sworm. Her management from the start of class was very structured, meaning when the kids got to the gym they had designated sitting areas they had to get to before class started. And once everyone was in their spots she would tell them what was going on during this class. If any of her kids were getting out of hand she was say one, two, three eyes on me. Mrs. Sworm was very good at explaining everything they were doing for the lesson. I say they two schools were different because of what classes I was observing, one was math and the other was P.E. And in a classroom setting you’re focused and have to pay attention to detail, while in P.E it’s more of an indoor structured
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