Essay about Different Types Of Strategies For A Health Care Organization

Essay about Different Types Of Strategies For A Health Care Organization

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1. Healthcare Executives are constantly negotiating something, whether it be employee union agreements, professional contracts, HMO contracts, purchasing agreements, office space leases, etc. Please identify and discuss the various steps commonly found in the negotiation process.
a. There are various types of strategies used in order to reach consensus towards something an organization may want. Whether it’s taking the approach to want it all and make extreme offers until the desire outcome is achieved, or giving a deadline to accept an offer, negotiation processes may be challenging. According to the readings the integrative model is one of the most frequently used models to resolve conflict. The integrative model follows six steps in which requires creating an environment that promotes equality, cooperation, and communication. This is essential in a health care organization since everyone must work together in order to provide the best service to the community and keep employees satisfied. Secondly, perceptions and employees attitudes must be reviewed in order to address any concerns that anyone may have. Then it is important to define the problems, search for alternatives, and draw consensus. This model works if people are willing to share information and be open about their problems. Researchers also recommend that negotiations should separate personal issues from the conflict. Keep focus on the interest and not allow people’s position try to control the negotiation process. In other words, everyone should treat each other with respect. Also, identify the best alternative with the situation that provides mutual gain. For example, if two hospitals have to merge together, create a consensus plan that will benefit both hospital...

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.... Furthermore, there continues to be many uninsured immigrants, that have low-income jobs that most often do not provide them with health issuance. Although Medicaid is offered it is limited, and it is important for patients to receive the needed care.
ii. Disseminating information: Adopting new technology in the hospital system can help improve processes that usually prolong service to patients. For example, first creating material that can be comprehended by the targeted population. Then having electronic prescribing capabilities to help reduce medical errors and reduce paperwork.
iii. Role of government: Rising health care cost are continuously creating a problem between the government and health care organizations. By identifying the areas that require change and addressing the issues, policies can be implemented to help improve health care for the population.

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