The Different Strategies Used by the North and South During the Civil War

The Different Strategies Used by the North and South During the Civil War

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On April 9, 1865 General Robert E. Lee surrendered his confederate troops to General Ulysses S. Grant marking the end of the deadliest war in American History. The Civil War was fought between the Northern free states and the Southern slave states. The death toll was 620,000 soldiers, with countless numbers of civilian injuries and casualties. The Union victory resulted in abolishing slavery, strengthening national government, and Reconstruction of the United States. The war raged for four years yet most people believed the North would prevail. The military might, resources, and military strategies used by the North made it nearly impossible for the South to win.
The Confederate state’s strategy for winning the war was to try to weaken the North and to enlist the help of England and France. The South was out numbered in terms of men, ammunition, and supplies. The Union army had 2,100,000 soldiers compared to 1,064,000 Confederate soldiers. Ninety-seven percent of firearm production came from the Northern states, and the North controlled over 70% of the railroad miles. Th...

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