Essay on The Different Ideologies of Both Roman and Greek Architecture

Essay on The Different Ideologies of Both Roman and Greek Architecture

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The different ideologies of both roman and Greek architecture have been disputed for many decades. These great feats such as the Flavian Amphitheater and the Parthenon help distinguish the two cultures. The amphitheater was built for the roman people’s entertainment. The Parthenon was built to appease the Greek goddess Athena. Just by looking at their purposes it is easy to see how their cultures varied. However, it is important to also look into the architectural components to further analyze. The Flavian amphitheater and the Parthenon are both examples of classic roman and Greek architecture. Both of these architectural accomplishments have their subtle similarities as well as major differences. Although the building styles of Greek and Rome vary, by analyzing key components of each architecture similarities will emerge.
The Flavian Amphitheater was built from 70 CE To 80 CE. The Flavian was Rome’s largest amphitheater standing at 157 feet and with a perimeter of 1788 feet. It was built to cater to the roman community and their enjoyment of sports. That being said the entire amphitheater was built for the ease of the community. It was placed in the center of Rome. The amphitheater was built in an oval shape. This feature helped give an all around view for spectators. There were four stacked levels. The bottom two levels were meant for the nobles and the upper two levels were meant for the common people. Even though the common people sat in higher seats they still maintained a visual due to the stacked arrangement. The stacked arrangement also allowed for more spectators, about 50,000 could be seated for one event. To help filter the 50,000 possible spectators there was a total of seventy-six entrances. To shelter the spect...

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...arble was used often in the Greek arts. However, the white precious marble they used in the Parthenon absorbed light beautifully. Greeks were the best at working with marble and leaving it with the natural integrity it is meant to have. The classical ways of the Parthenon do not limit this temple. The technology was nothing like the romans had but the Greeks didn’t need it.
Overall, the Parthenon and the Flavian Amphitheater served highly different purposes. The romans wanted to immerse their society with pleasure and enjoyment. Utilizing technology to their advantage the Flavian Amphitheater still stands as a symbol of their lifestyle. The Greeks believed in honoring gods and goddess for their assistance. The Parthenon was a large temple but was humbling for the people who praised it. One is not greater than the other; they both stand for two strong communities.

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