Essay on Differences Between Jewish And Christian Interpretations

Essay on Differences Between Jewish And Christian Interpretations

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At the beginning of Global Experience class, my semester goal was to listen and learn about new perspectives so I could broaden my knowledge. I assumed “broadening my knowledge” included exploring current, global issues. Simply put, I entered the class with a resistant attitude to actually change my way of thinking; I subconsciously thought I could conserve my current perspective while adding on new layers.
Over the past month and a half, many articles and people battled my close-minded view. I expected Amy Levine’s Agree to Disagree presentation to illustrate differences in Jews’ and Christians’ interpretations with specific Old Testament verses, but she validated both religions’ interpretations because, “they are following their own set of rules.” For example, the Old Testament has no punctuation, and some significant differences between Jewish and Christian interpretations are because of the placement of punctuation breaks. Amy argues that both Jews and Christians arrived at credible conclusions about the punctuation. Confused, I asked myself, “How can both be right? Isn’t it one or the other?” I wasn’t willing to accept both interpretations as valid. I just wanted to ignore her reasoning and continue believing the Christian explanation. I have a tendency to look at differing perspectives like a computer: True or False. However, people like Amy have challenged me to move away from dualism and towards multiplicity by making me aware of the other respectable perspectives.
My close-minded view is also characterized by my stubbornness to change my mind. I was taught to defend my beliefs in all situations. In the trolley dilemma we discussed in class, I continually used my opinion that each life is worth the same value to support ...

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... culture, I will continued to be trapped by it.
Before college, dualism satisfied me because of its simplicity. However, through the difficult discussions I have had in the last six weeks, I noticed the flaws of this critical thinking approach. I am learning how to search for multiple perspectives and opinions and validate multiply options both logically and emotionally. An important realization is how powerful awareness can be for understanding myself and how to better understand and interact with my communities and cultures. Now, I am striving to understand and (practice) relativism. What is the better option? Honestly I do not know yet. My new goal is not about deciding what is right and what is wrong but which approach is better compared to others. I look forward to making the transition between multiplicity and relativism during the second part of the semester.

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