Differences Between Federal And California Judicial System Essay

Differences Between Federal And California Judicial System Essay

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“That’s against the law!” But which law? There are two types of judicial system in the United States, which are the Federal and the States. In the article,” Federal vs. State courts-Key Differences” Federal judicial center stated that federal courts recognized under the U.S Constitution to decide to quarrel involving the Constitution and laws that passed by the Congress. While State courts recognized by a state within local courts such as cities, counties, and municipalities. Although federal law is effective throughout the United States, different states have different state laws. Through this essay, I will discuss the differences and similarities between federal and California judicial system.
Under the U.S Constitution, there are three levels that provide court cases that can be heard in the federal and state governments. According to the article, "Federal and California System Compared” The President will nominate the federal judges, and this can be confirmed by the Senate. California State court judges are chosen through appointments for a specified number of years and through elections. The three levels that can be heard in the federal court system and California court system are the following: Courts of last resort, appellate courts, and trial courts.
First, the court of last resort that refers to a court of final appeal in a jurisdiction. In other words, it is the court of the highest authority. The Supreme Court in the United States is the highest judicial body in the United States. It consists of the eight Associate Justices and one Chief Justice of the United States that is nominated by the President and can be confirmed by a majority vote of the Senate in which we called “advice and consent” (Oak Hill Publ...

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...as their defense and win the case because the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land. This should not encourage anyone to challenge the laws because the example above does not happen a lot of times in our daily life. In addition, laws which are illegal are usually enforced under both federal and state laws (Federal Judicial Center).
In conclusion, I have provided the similarities and differences between federal and California judicial system, in which I have compared all three different types of court systems, jurisdiction and the differences between state law and federal constitution. I am blessed to have this opportunity to research on this topic because I was not aware nor acknowledge these similarities and differences. Because of this assignment, I have expanded my knowledge on this subject and I believe this will greatly help me in the future.

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