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The Differences Between Cities And Cities Essay

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The two readings details life as a minority and the differences that arise between towns and cities that are racially separated, such as high income areas that tend to be more white. Most Americans would probably like to think that our country has made great strides towards multiculturalism, but the facts tell a different story. The reading from Marger and the two film clips show that while segregation is now illegal it still lives on through the lack of racial and ethnic integration in neighborhoods. Policies that were established during the 1950s, such as redlining, persist to this day. Our communities and public schools still foster racial divisions established during the mid 1900s. Primary structural assimilation could offer a solution for better integrating racial-ethnic minorities in addition to narrowing the education gap. The education gap being the difference in quality of education for schools that have a larger minority base.
To better understand the context of the situation two cities within Rhode Island will be examined using their population, housing, and education statistics. The first city is Barrington, a predominantly white middle-upper class area. Of the total population 95 percent are white while only 1.1 are Hispanic or Latino. The average household income is 74,591 with only three percent of individuals falling below the poverty line. These statistics show a city that has established itself as a predominantly white area. The statistics on education show that the high school has a 94 percent graduation rate and is rated number two in the state. Racially the school is representative of the town’s population with 90 percent white and only one percent black and hispanic. These numbers are all representative of ...

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...thin the community and public education. Barrington is a white upper class city that remains dominantly white while Providence is a racially diverse lower-class city with a working class population. Over the years the racial makeup has stayed relatively the same. This lack of residential integration can also explain the education gap between whites and racial-ethnic minorities. Barrington is able to offer a higher quality education because the population of the city has a larger average income, which means there is a larger taxable bases for the school to collect funds from. Meanwhile, Hope High School is located in a lower class city where school funding is much more limited, meaning they don’t have the necessary funds to provide a high quality education. The minority groups end up receiving a worse education than the white majority. The solution to this problem is

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