Differences Between Boys And Girls Essay

Differences Between Boys And Girls Essay

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For some, when they see girls they tend to think of them as princesses, and when they see the boys they tend to think of them as rough and tumbled. Parents, society, and the classroom contribute to these gender related messages by reinforcing the gender roles such as, what kind of clothing a child should wear and what kind of toy a child should play with based on one’s sex. In past centuries, the differences between boys and girls was measured differently by parents, society, and in the classroom based on one’s gender; today, this still holds true.
First, for some parents when they see their baby girl for the first time think of pink, and when they see their baby boy for the first time think of blue. Pink and blue seem to have become the universal colors to differentiate boys from girls. Even though some parents may not have a preference when it comes to wanting a boy or girl, some parents still most likely believe that their daughters and sons should still be raised differently. In Michael Gonchar’s New York Times article, “Do Parents Have Different Hopes and Standards for Their Sons Than for Their Daughters?”, Gonchar determined through a google search analysis “that American parents do in fact hold different expectations for their children based on sex. For one, they want their boys to be smarter and their girls skinnier” (Gonchar 1). From the moment that a baby takes its first breath, some parents inundate them with discriminatory ideals based on their sex. According to psychologist, Crissy Duff, Duff points out “that from the moment children are born, they are bombarded with gender related messages. Toys, clothes, and observations around the house-dad takes out the garbage, mom loads the dishwasher-all feeding to what they t...

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...regated classroom is that the boys should be spoken to in a loud voice and the girls in a calm voice. The National Association for Single Sex Public Education reasoning behind this way of teaching is that boys like competition and therefore like to be talked to in a loud voice and girls like to be nurtured and would prefer to be talked to in a calm voice. This way of teaching is gender stereotyping.
Although some might question do parents, society, and schools still treat boys and girls differently based on their sex in the 21st century? Well apparently gender biases still exist today. Some parents still treat their children differently based on their sex and society still plays a part in gender stereotyping through ads, commercials, movies, and billboards. And yes, even in some classrooms boys and girls are treated differently and even segregated in some schools.

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