Essay about Differences Between Ancient Mesopotamia And Egypt

Essay about Differences Between Ancient Mesopotamia And Egypt

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Civilizations over time change, due to new ideas and insight, tools and technology, climate change and much more. Civilizations change for adaptation to their own innovations. Some civilizations differ from others. Some may follow a different religion, a different agricultural system, or a different integration of technology into their daily lifestyles. Mesopotamia and Egypt can be considered as two different cultures that consist of alternative lifestyles from each other. When you take into consideration of how their subsistence, environment, technology, economy, and social organization came into play, you will be able to find interesting distinctions between the two that allow marvel for such enquiring cultures.
These two earliest and complex societies benefited from their rivers. Mesopotamia’s name itself means “land between the rivers”. Both civilizations were able to utilize their rivers to the best of their extent to eventually allow for a prevailing culture.
Egypt’s beginnings and downfalls began with its constant dependence of the Nile River, the world’s longest river. It was one of the main environmental factors that helped them achieve a sense of sustainability. It is their source of existence. The river helped the region cope with the fact that they are overwhelmed by desert land, and henceforth a very dry climate. The reason being is that the Nile tended to flood annually, but in a way that eventually allowed for the grounds and land to be suitable for agriculture. Egypt as a whole also has three supposed “defensible” borders. The east, west, and the south consists of connections among suitable and strong land. The north, which entails the Nile valley is filled with deserts ad is therefore unfitting for defenses to wa...

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...cietal ranking can conclude similarly to Egypt, with scribes after Priests, then merchants and artisans, followed by commoners, and closing with slaves.
Complex societies like the Egyptians and Mesopotamians revolve themselves with a deeper and individual cultural perspective. People in general seek to gain knowledge, ideas, and technology that will help them advance their ways into a powerful society. The changes and differences between Egypt and Mesopotamia show others that these people have utilized their resources in individualistic ways so that something beneficial can come out of it and eventually help everyone within that society, and even beyond. Given the adaptations to the environment, economy, technology, and societal organizations, these civilizations have shown what they had to do in order to flourish and survive through remarkable and diverse ways.

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