Did Fredy Villanueva face Racial Discrimination? : Two Completely Opposite World Views

Did Fredy Villanueva face Racial Discrimination? : Two Completely Opposite World Views

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Racial discrimination has been part of society for a long time. In 2008, the case of Fredy Villanueva exemplified this issue. The boy was killed after playing dice with some friends in Montreal. In fact, racial discrimination was a huge factor that applied in this case. Therefore, on one side, the police group was approving the gesture of the police officer that killed him with a structural functionalism world view. This worldview stresses that society is a big structure in which everybody has a role to play. Inequality always exists and is necessary. On the other side Fredy’s family and friends were frustrated about the situation in a conflict theory world view. This worldview suggests that inequalities should not exist and society should reject unequal class structures. This essay will discuss about Fredy Villanueva’s case, racial discrimination and two world views that are associated with that case.
To begin with, Fredy Villanueva was playing dice with his friends in a park before he was killed in Montreal. Playing dice in public is illegal in Montreal. The police officer was violent with Dany, Fredy’s brother. Dany was even arrested after this act. Fredy wanted to take his big brother’s defense and was killed because he did not listen to the police officer. Fredy contested the violence and got shot. This case also arrived because of racial discrimination. What is seen as the typical in a street gang is seen as violent, unpredictable. He is also seen as poorly educated between sixteen and twenty-two years old. He is also seen as coming from an economically disadvantage background and most of all belongs to a minority ethnic group. (Gladys 1) Fredy was a color boy unarmed from Honduras, so it was clear to certain that ...

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