Dialogue Essays: Do Vampires Really Exist?

Dialogue Essays: Do Vampires Really Exist?

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Have you ever had one of those days when it seemed liked nothing was going your way? That's exactly how my day was going. First, I woke up this morning to find that there was a leak in my bedroom ceiling that was leaking cold rain water all over my face. Secondly, at my job at the hospital, a patient threw their lunch all over my uniform just because they didn't have their green jello. And last, but not least, my car broke down in the middle of traffic...Yeah, not the best day I've ever had.

“Hey, Alex.”
“What's up Lucy?”
“I need some help, little brother?”
“What happened?” He sounded worried.
“Don't worry I'm fine, but my car isn't. I need you to pick me up.”
“Sure, where are you?”
“I'm at a small Car Repair place on Baker's Street.”
“I'll be there in 30 minutes.”
“I'll be waiting outside.”
“Just stay put. It's already dark and, to top it off, it's raining.”
“I know, but the smell of emission fluid is starting to make me sick.”

I stepped outside with my umbrella and leaned against the wall; the smell of the rain completely drowned out the smell of cars and oil. I sighed contently. I always loved the sound and smell of rain ever since I was a young child; I found myself beginning to doze off. “Excuse me, Miss?” I was abruptly awoken by the sound of someone's voice; I hadn't even heard anyone approach. I lifted my umbrella slightly to look into the eyes of the person who spoke only to find an extremely attractive man staring down at me. He was a brilliant specimen; from his bright hazel eyes that seemed to glow in the dark; his short black hair that was darker than the night that surrounded us; his tall and slightly muscular physique that made me feel smaller than usual; and his voice which was as smooth as velvet. “Are you okay...

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...ary creature.” I stared straight into his bright hazel eyes until I caught movement from my peripheral vision. “There you are Nathan, we've been searching everywhere for you.” There were two new faces on the scene. One of them was average height with light olive skin; he had medium length brown hair that looked as if it hadn't seen a comb in a long time; and pale blue eyes that were as clear as the sky on a beautiful sunny day. The other guy was average height and gangly with pale white skin; he had short platinum blond hair that was neatly kept; and his brown eyes were like two drops of melted chocolate. “Who's you're friend?” The brown haired asked. Nathan stepped closer to me, “Can't you see, Julius?” he took my face in his hands and stared intently into my eyes, “It's Gaia.” “L-LET GO OF ME!” I slapped his hands away, pushed past the other two men and took off.

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