The Theme Of Race In Octavia Butler's Parable Of The Sower

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In Octavia Butler’s novel, Parable of the Sower, a common theme carried throughout the story is the differentiating people based on their race. In this story, society views white people as wealthier, safer, and the owners of colored people and are seen treating them horribly, where as people of color are poorer, more commonly used as slaves, not as trusted, and over all have it harder in Butler’s dystopian setting. Butler thinks this topic of racism is common, and society is more prejudice to black people rather then white. I can deduce this by the financial and social status she depicts white people to be versus people of color. After Lauren’s neighborhood is destroyed and has to flee with Zahra and Harry, Lauren pretends to be a boy so her and Zahra can pretend to be a couple rather than Zahra and Harry, which would be a mixed race couple. A couple of white and African-American did not mix because “…[he’ll] piss of all the blacks and [she’ll] piss off all the whites” (pg. 172). Butler does not let these two races mix …show more content…

Looking out across the stone-paved road, she watched the neighborhood inside the coffee colored fence. It was very similar to hers, containing multiple cookie-cutter homes and an assortment of businesses, except no one was there was her color and no one in her neighborhood was their color. All of them had chocolate skin with eyes and hair that were all equally dark. Across the road to her right, a yellow fence contained honey colored people. She enjoyed seeing all the little, squinted almond eyes, much smaller then her own, which were wide set and round. One little, sunshine colored boy with dark straight hair raised his arm and waved his hand, but before she could do the same back her father called her into the house. His lips were pressed and his body was rigid, the blue of his eyes making direct contact with her

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