Dialogue Essay - Original Writing

Dialogue Essay - Original Writing

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“Wanna eat in the cafeteria or are you going to eat in the classroom?”
“Classroom today,” Jocelyn replied. “I have to finish the agenda and Mr.Hecks is helping me out. Wanna eat in there with me?”
“I’ll just stay in the cafeteria so you can finish. I think Joey was telling me he brought some food for us, I don’t remember though.”
An over-confident Blake turned into the hallway they were walking on with a huge smile. He was definitely the guy that never stopped smiling and walked with confidence. Before they passed each other, he called out for Jocelyn.
“Hey, you staying today?”
“I might, not sure though,” she replied politely.
They continued walking and passed each other while Blake spun around and began walking backwards to see her while he continued to talk to her.
“Cool, I can take you home again. See you in class in a bit.” He winked and spun back around.
Raul, who was completely perplexed that the guy had a conversation with his girlfriend without even acknowledging him, stopped walking and turned around to see Blake’s retreating form.
“Hey, come here.”
Blake turned around and when he saw he was being spoken to, followed the command. Raul was surprised the rich kid moved his suede moccasin slippers fast to get in front of him, maybe he was intimidated.
“She doesn’t need any rides from you, stop offering them.”
“You’d rather she walk home? Why man? It was just a ride, chill out.”
“Naw, Blake cause you still walked her to my door after she told you not to. What guy in their right mind walks a girl who has a boyfriend to their front door, huh? You and I both know you want her, that’s the only explanation. So don’t tell me to chill out because you’re looking to get your ass beat. I’ll fuck you up Blake so hard that your th...

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... complain. Plus, Joey could convince his mom to do anything, so Raul was expecting a Facebook post from Joey’s mom.
“You got a plate, dude? Oh, wait! You know my mom loves you.” Joey began digging through his backpack, “She sent you a piece of fried chicken from dinner last night too.”
Joey pulled out a tupperware container with two fried chicken drumsticks and poured spaghetti into in the container, filling it to the brim.
“Why didn’t you just invite me over for dinner last night?”
Joey scoffed. “Yeah right, because a) your family has dinner hella late! Yall mothercukers be eating like at seven! No can do, we eat at four, like regular people. And b) you probably had something better than fried chicken for dinner, we both know your mom gets down in the kitchen.”
Raul nodded and shrugged, “Yeah, can’t complain.”
“Alright dude, go before I regret giving you so much.”

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