Dexter "The Dark Passenger" Essay

Dexter "The Dark Passenger" Essay

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Have you ever have felt like two completely different people? Dexter Morgan has been throughout his entire life since he was little. As a child, Dexter witnessed his mother’s murder. A cop named Harry Morgan found Dexter in a pool of blood beside his mother’s body. He taught Dexter his “art.” This education by a monster turned Dexter into a monster. His learned skills; both as an investigator and as a killer, drive him from the early seasons of the series. In the beginning, he is driven by a lust for blood and a warped sense of justice. He punishes people he deems worthy of death, killers whom he feels are inferior. He does all this while evading capture and making sure the blood trails never lead back to him. Dexter’s character arc is symbolic of the human struggle to evolve and mature from the monstrous to messianic.
As a blood-splatter pattern analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department, Dexter uses his unique skills as an observant investigator and as an undisclosed serial killer to hunt down criminals who evade discovery and capture. Dexter is quite different from a “normal” person’s life. He is a very intelligent individual; while multitasking being a father as well. At the same time, he follows all the moral codes his step-dad Harry, coached him to follow when he was young.
In common with some serial killers, Dexter is intelligent and likeable. He is handsome and unassuming while possibly coming off as a bit of a “blood-spatter geek” to his colleagues. However, Dexter differs from other serial killers in one key element; he has a family to whom he feels a great sense of attachment.
“The Code of Harry,” as Dexter calls it, includes rules such as never killing innocents and faking emotions and normality to fit in and avoi...

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...elf? Dexter asks himself this questions almost every episode. He knows he has problems and psychological issues. Comparable to addicts overcoming addiction and people overcoming immaturity. His human condition from going into a monster to a noble protector is quite a story from his journeys and trials he went through.

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