Development Of A Transformational Leader Essay

Development Of A Transformational Leader Essay

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Developing Transformational Leaders in Nursing
In order to develop strong leaders throughout the nursing industry, one must encompass various traits from all types of leadership theories. Of these theories, transformational leadership stands out the most in the sense that it helps create a strong and successful leader. Strengths Finder 2.0 encourages individuals to focus on developing themselves through strengths instead of trying to fix their weaknesses. In doing so individuals are able to develop natural talents in a way that creates a higher achieving workplace. Through this method nurses can develop strong skills as transformational leaders and promote growth in the nursing industry.
Transformational Leader Defined
Transformational leadership can be defined in many ways. Although it is not the sole description of what fully entails a strong and successful leader, it is considered to be a big part of what makes an individual a great leader. Marquis and Huston define a transformational leader as “the manager who is committed, has a vision, and is able to empower others with this vision” (Marquis, Huston, 2015, p. 44). Empowering others with a vision is a key component to a successful transformational leader. This allows for each individual to use his or her individual strengths in order to accomplish a common end goal as efficiently and successfully as possible. Empowerment motivates each individual to increase autonomy and self-determination in a way that results in high quality performance throughout the organization. Encouraging this autonomy and self-determination amongst employees at a workplace, gives them a sense of control to use their creativity and skill set effectively while motivating them to achieve ...

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... be beat. Even though it takes certain aspects from all different types of leadership theories to create a profound leader, having core values from the ideas of transformational leadership can greatly impact ones ability to strive for excellence.
The transformational leadership theory encompasses all of which the health care system is based off of. Due to the teamwork that is involved, transformational leaders must be represented throughout the facility in order to encourage each individual employee to perform high quality care to each individual patient. In order to do so, leaders much empower individuals to develop their strengths instead of focusing on fixing their weaknesses. By motivating and empowering individuals to collaborate and bring out the best in each other, the level of performance and success of patient outcomes will exceed expectations.

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