Developing Young Tennis Talent Essay

Developing Young Tennis Talent Essay

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The United States Tennis Association or USTA has been around since 1881. Originally the USTA was known as the United States National Lawn Tennis Association. The group was started by a minor cluster of people in New York City. The present USTA is an organization with more than seven hundred thousand members. It invests one hundred percent of its proceeds to promote and develop the growth of tennis, from the novice to the professional levels. There are many people who have trained with this organization and became great successes. An example of this is the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena, or the Brian brothers, Bob and Mike.” In 1916, National Junior and National Boys’ Championships were added and Girls’ Championships were instituted in 1917. A year later juniors, boys and girls, were ranked for the first time. It was ten years later that the Junior Development Program was instituted.”(USTA) The USTA has developed young athletes by starting them young, identifying their talent by “Talent ID”, entering competition to produce skills, and encouraging the parents to support their children.
The USTA trains people of all ages. The organization consists of separate age groups to insure fairness of the play between opponents. The 10 and under group is the youngest competing group in the organization. These kids can range from five to ten years old. Starting too early can actually be bad for the development of the player. “Hanging a tennis ball in the crib or giving your kids intensive private coaching at age four is probably not going to give you that head start in developing a champion that many parents believe. In fact it's the opposite. Focusing too much too soon on tennis can actually retard the development of the basic physical...

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... really do make a difference and the USTA will continue to use these strategies until they find another way to progress players.

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