Essay about Developing New Internet Business Website And It Functions

Essay about Developing New Internet Business Website And It Functions

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What significant factors can play a vital role in making an internet site appear more trustworthy? This was a question I asked myself while working on question 4 in my initial analysis. The question focused on how I would go about developing new internet business webpage and it functions. The business scenario I chose in the previous assignment was called InfoInc. The purpose of the site was to provide important information to individuals in accounting, financial, medical fields, and the general public. Therefore, the success of this online business would rely heavily on the trust of their users.
In the article, I found by Aurora Harley with Nielsen Normal Group, explained how to obtain user trust and develop an effective internet platform simply by web design. I felt the information found in this article could both relate to the topic discussed in my previous project and possibly bring a different perspective to identifying fraudulent sites. In this article, there were four primary factors that go into communicating a trustworthy site. In this analysis, I’ll discuss those main p...

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