The Destruction of Stress in the Lives of Teenagers Essay

The Destruction of Stress in the Lives of Teenagers Essay

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Large amounts of stress in a teenager’s life can lead them down a destructive path. This problem occurs every day, and is a common occurrence in every teen’s life. There are many different causes of stress and even more ways it can affect the person. Mandy causes of stress may include: expectations from loved ones and teachers, family problems, social issues, and balancing school, extracurricular activities, and work. Some teens are very good at managing their time while others cannot handle as much on their plate. The effects of stress include symptoms such as self-doubt, self-deprecation, carelessness, and even depression.
High expectations from peers, teachers, and especially family along with family problems are some of the most common causes of teen stress. Some parents may not realize that putting too much pressure on their teen to be perfect can end up damaging their self esteem. This problem could be solved easily; parents need to avoid setting unrealistic expectations for their children. For example, straight A’s for many students is not easily come by, instead parents should maybe opt for A’s and B’s with nothing lower. Parents should provide plenty of encouragement and should not overreact if their children are not perfect. However, it is definitely not only parents who are guilty of doing this. Teachers can be to blame, as well, especially during high school when students have five different classes and many assignments to do. Many teachers believe that their class should be first on a student’s list of priorities, and can give as much as 2 hours worth of homework to a student, without thought of any other classes. By the end of the day, students have an unbelievable amount of homework to get done for each class, and ...

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...ave a huge emotional toll on a teenager and can lead to a more serious illness like depression if not managed correctly. In some cases, in the long run, it can lead to having to be on medication for the rest of their life.
All in all, causes of stress can be high expectations, family problems, social issues and simply not being able to manage time. The effects of stress include symptoms like self-doubt, self-deprecation, carelessness, and even depression. People can learn triggers of stress and the warning signs to look for if a teen is stressed. Having a person admit they are stressed or overwhelmed not always an easy, especially for a student. However, once they can figure out what is causing the stress, it is easy to change. That person can either eliminate their problems or participate in a stress relieving activity. They just need take a deep breath and relax!

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