Essay on Designing The Schedule Using Microsoft Project

Essay on Designing The Schedule Using Microsoft Project

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For managing this project, first we started with the work breakdown structure WBS in order to manage the tasks that are going to be addressed. Therefore, it will be a lot easier to use it to construct the Schedule using Microsoft project (MS Project). So, after the WBS was done putting all the tasks in MS Project was the next step, each main task with their subtasks as shown in figure1. There were 6 main tasks that have to be done to finish this project. So far, two of the three main tasks that had to be done in this semester were 100% completed which were the management task and the Modeling task. These two tasks had a higher priority than others, so they had to be done since the most of the project relied upon them. Whereas the management part begins from the planning task of how this project is going to be directed, to the scheduling of the tasks and the Modeling task of the project since it is a design project that involves modeling. The third main task that had to be done as of today was the design task which includes the components that is needed it to build up the whole design was also a high priority. However, the reason it is not completed entirely is because it involves the electrical part which has not been done completely. The Gantt chart figure 2 demonstrates, as it is seen that tasks number 10 and 11, which are dependent on each other, are connected to the task number 28, which is the date that these two tasks are planned to be finished. Now, at the end this is not a concern from a management perspective, because the electrical parts are has a low priority at this point of time. However, It was important to identify the electrical material for costing purposes, but applying it would be not necessary it will ...

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...ars, which means that the project is about 42.5% ahead of schedule as of today. For the managing the project in the future, using the Gantt chart. Monitoring the project process to the planned schedule where surely it is going to be updated from the completion percentage to the pricing column in order to achieve the goal of this project. Also I should be careful that more risks might pops up and we should be ready for it in terms of scheduling the tasks and also in terms of costing. As mentioned before prices are changeable, so more resources are going to be added to the project and that required more evaluation of the tasks and more accuracy. Since most of the up coming tasks involves the execution of the project, more assigned resources might be added. We are going to make sure that each team member is kept on schedule to assure quality of the project deliverables

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