Essay on Design Plan For Design Build

Essay on Design Plan For Design Build

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Design-Build is overall a better more improved than the tradition delivery method, Design-Bid-Build. The rewards are ultimately higher than the risks with Design-Build. The duration of the project is shorter and the quality of the project stays the same. Design-Build allows for better communication when everything goes through the contractor, design and the owner can easily keep in contact. The contractor has a higher risk when dealing in the financial department. But the owner has fewer responsibilities. Each project is unique and has its own challenges so understanding the delivery methods will be beneficial.

Determining a project delivery method to use is one of the most important decisions made by every owner embarking on a construction project. Design-Bid-Build has become the most traditional process in the United States construction industry. With the industry constantly growing, so are the ideas on how to decrease the project duration and cost. Alternative project delivery methods are starting to replace Design-Bid-Build with acceptable improvements during the construction process.
Design-Build is a delivery service that professional contractors provide where the design and construction of the project is completed with one company as a seamless development from the beginning to the end. The budget of the client is carefully watched during the construction process and the final price can be negotiated to keep both of the parties happy. Design-build is used as an alternative to the long-established design-bid-build project delivery method. Nationwide, design-build successfully delivers success to both horizontal and vertical construction projects with better results no matter what type of project is being comple...

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...uction Science program at Texas A&M, my education experience has introduced many different types of project delivery methods. I have been prepared to identify different types of risks and rewards that are associated with delivery methods available in the construction industry. The classes that have been most beneficial to my degree have been Construction Law I and II, Project Management. Project Management has been the most beneficial to my education by informing me about all the delivery systems available and what the risks and rewards are for each of them. Construction Law mostly taught me about contractual relationship and what to avoid or look for when entering into a job contract. Together these classes go hand in hand when identify the risks and rewards by helping you look deeper into contracts and financial situations that arise during a construction project.

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