Design Critique : An Undergraduate Nursing Textbook Essay

Design Critique : An Undergraduate Nursing Textbook Essay

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Design Critique - Typography
The textbook or printed instruction I chose to review is an undergraduate nursing textbook. I chose this type of book because I am most familiar with the subject and have read and studied from several different publishers while obtaining my nursing degree. The textbook is Medical-Surgical Nursing: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problem by Lewis, Dirksen, Heitkemper, and Bucher (2014). I found this book on and am able to preview several pages.
This textbook focuses on medical-surgical nursing which covers basic topics such as concepts of nursing to more complex issues such as fluid balances within the body, oxygenation and blood perfusion, and breathing or respiratory issues. The purpose of a medical-surgical textbook for nursing students is to give them a foundation to build their future knowledge upon. This type of textbook will teach them the very basic concepts a nurse needs to know and later in their schooling they will learn more in depth illnesses, treatments, and procedures.
I chose Chapters one, two, and three to review, but more specifically pages 6, 16, 20, and 34, of this text because these pages are the most common formats a nursing student will see within all of their textbooks. The design grid utilized throughout this text is a two-column format. This layout allows for the most text to be placed on a single page, while still allowing the font to be a legible size. It also appears that each page is formatted in an almost mirror image of the one across from it. Some pages might not be exact mirror images as some pages have charts, graphs, pictures, and tables, but the overall concept is still a two-column grid.
The font utilized appears to be of a modern style such as Ti...

... middle of paper ...

... It also aids the readers’ comprehension and recall through appropriately placing charts, graphs, pictures, and tables with the corresponding text. However, with that being said I would consider changing the blue/teal/turquoise font color within the text to something a bit easier to read. On page 34, for example, the non-black font is rather challenging to read. I would also change the font style. I understand some of the text on this page is placed in a different color to stand out, therefore, signaling the readers to view a webpage/website, but the overall ease of reading is very challenging. Perhaps the publisher should keep the font black, but highlight the webpage link with the blue/teal/turquoise color? (Example: I know this color is a bit harsh, however, with a little editing it could be toned down and not appear as bright or harsh to the viewer.

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