The Deserts of Africa: The Sahara Desert Essay

The Deserts of Africa: The Sahara Desert Essay

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Imagine living in a land thriving with life with all sorts of trees and vegetation, along with different types of animals that called this land home. Throughout the world, we have deserts of also sorts. Life as we know it is always different in different in places. However for the sake of learning we will be taking a look at some of the world most secluded places on this earth which will lead us across one of the world's largest ocean, the Atlantic, making our way to the continent of Africa.
Many scientists and historians have wander what caused the " The Deserts of Africa " to form? They have also wandered if the Sahara Desert was Ever fertile, and if so, is it possible to re-grow the vegetation in areas such as the Sahara Desert? The wandering about these same questions encouraged diligent research that may or may not solve the main problem that the Deserts of Africa suffer from. Northern Africa is where the Sahara Desert is located and it covers nearly 10% of the continent. Some people believe that the Sahara Desert is the largest Desert in the world, however this would be a partially true statement meaning that it is the
world's largest hot desert. Antarctica being the largest, but it is a cold desert. However, that is a topic we will save for another day. Even though today the Sahara Desert is very hot and extremely dry, researchers believe that it has not always been this way. They believe that in the last two - three hundred thousand years or so, the Sahara Desert experienced several climatic shifts. Although, it may be hard to conceive, there is evidence of life in the world's largest hot desert. It is believed that this desert has been inhabited for thousands of years, maybe as early as 6000 BCE. D...

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