Description Of My Target Behavior Essay

Description Of My Target Behavior Essay

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My target behavior was slouching, which is defined as not having my back straight, drooped shoulders and having my head head down. To record my behavior, I had a sheet made on my phone to record how many times I slouched that day, by the hour. So, at the end of every hour I checked whether or not I was slouching or not and recorded that onto my phone. I then took this data and transferred it daily to my graph on excel, to maintain a consistent record. The baseline data went for 59 days and the treatment data went for 30 days.

To change my target behaviors, I used multiple treatment procedures. I used a back pillow, placement of a sticky note on my computer/homework telling me to not slouch, and my co-workers or family reminding me to sit up, all as cues to not engage in the problem behavior. Also, I removed some establishing operations that caused me to slouch, such as using a comfy chair/back pillow to remove the need to slouch to be more comfortable. Additionally, there were punishment and reinforcement procedures put into place. While I was at work, school, or at home and si...

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