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Throughout this semester I have written several essays and journals using techniques both important and unfamiliar to me. This class helped me use these techniques and steps that are involved in creating and formalizing an essay. The writing process of an essay includes information gathering, creating ideas, and writing it on paper to create a cohesive and organized paper. In complete certainty I can say I lack many of the skills necessary to create such a paper, but during this course I have learned some writing methods which I believe have improved my essays. The essays and journals in this portfolio reveal both my strengths and weaknesses in my writing and how I have both continued to make the same errors and improved in other areas.
The struggles in my writing are organization of ideas, bad citations, and bad or at times nonexistent transitional sentences. My organization of ideas is probably my greatest struggle; there are areas in my essays and journals that don’t make sense at all. The greatest challenge for me as a writer is to get my ideas on paper and to create a natural flow of these ideas and not sound like an idiot. It is extremely difficult for me to formulate ideas in the English language and have them make sense. The evidence of my greatest struggle can be mostly seen in the random journal entries assigned throughout the course. In the journal “What I think of behavioral drugs and children” you can appreciate how I have no idea in how to start this entry; one fourth of the paragraph is scratched off especially the beginning. In the last two sentences of this paragraph specifically show how my ideas do not flow from one sentence to another. In the second before last sentence, I am talking about how children should...

... middle of paper ...

...Paper 1 there are many non-existing transitional sentences, one of these can be found in paragraph #1 of the “Children and behavioral drugs” essay; after stating how children may have up to three disorders at a time, I give a statistic talking strictly over ADHD. I fail to make a transitional sentence that connects these two ideas together. Again in the second paragraph I speak about ADHD is diagnosed to how doctors abuse the prescription of the medication. In Paper 3 paragraph #3 I fail to make an intended correlation between sentence six and seven. I am speaking about the town’s casino then shift ideas in the next sentence as I began to talk about Mexican residents and their particular liking to the border town crossing. I believe by incorporating more transitional sentences in my papers I can achieve clarity to the overall paper and have my ideas flow logically.
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