Desalination : Explain Desalination And Denitrification Process? Why Is Each Needed?

Desalination : Explain Desalination And Denitrification Process? Why Is Each Needed?

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Q.1: Explain Desalination and Denitrification process? Why is each needed?
Desalination is the process of removing salt or other dissolved minerals from seawater. Seawater is pumped through filters and by reverse osmosis, salt and other dissolved minerals are removed (1). Population growth and climate change has made natural source of drinking water insufficient to meet the demand. Therefore, desalination offers an alternate source of clean drinking water.
Denitrification is the process of converting nitrate-nitrogen into nitrogen gas. Ammonia contained in wastewater is converted into nitrate through bacterial degradation (2). These nitrate compounds are harmful to sea life and must be treated or removed before being discharged back into lakes or rivers. Methanol is added and serves as the carbon source for bacteria which accelerate the conversion of nitrate to harmless nitrogen gas by using the oxygen attached to nitrates for respiration.
Q.2: Determine and explain the Project teams/participants and roles for each project?
Carlsbad desalination project, San Diego, California.
• Poseidon Resources Corporation: Developed and financed the project.
• Kiewit Shea Desalination: A joint venture of Kiewit Infrastructure West and J.F Shea Construction Company hired to construct the desalination plant and pipelines.
• Arcadis and Simon Wong Engineering acquired by Kleinfelder: Both companies together performed structural design and other engineering work.
• IDE Technologies: Designed the reverse osmosis equipment and will operate and maintain the plant for 30 years (1).
• Barclays Capital served as the financial advisor.
• Water agencies in San Diego County: They will purchase water from Poseidon Resources.
• American water, JR Filanc ...

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... plant project in San Diego, California is a Public-Private Partnership (P3 project) between local utility companies and municipalities in San Diego County and Poseidon Resources (3). Poseidon Resources secured the finances of the project, hired contractors to build the plant and will operate the plant for 30 years at no cost to the city of San Diego. The San Diego water agencies agreed to purchase desalinated water at a fixed price from Poseidon Resources during the time of the contract.
Public-Private partnership is a contractual agreement between a public agency and a private sector entity that transfers the responsibility of finance, delivery, maintenance and operation of a project to the private sector for a specified period of time and guarantees payments to the private sector from existing revenue sources or through the collection of new tolls or user fees.

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