The Depressive Aspects Of Post Travel Essay

The Depressive Aspects Of Post Travel Essay

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Together with Kepnes’s points, Greg Murray, Faculty of Health, Art, and Design at Swinburne University of Technology, adds research that proves the depressive aspects of post travel. Studies have been found that “…depressive presentations [are] more prevalent after westward [travel]” (288). These studies show physical proof of depression after travel. Murray’s research is supported by Inder et al. and shows predictions that mood disorders may differ with the that of time zone travel. This being said, westward travel has less resulting symptoms (such as jet lag) than eastward travel does (Murray). These results are those of people without predisposed mood disorders, but what about those vulnerable of these disorders? Research shows that depressive personalities are displayed more after westward travel than eastward travel. He poses two studies that found depressive qualities arising after westward travel. The reasoning is because “westward travel acutely induces a state of phase advance of the oscillator relative to the new sleep/wake schedule…depression is due to such a relative phase advance” (288). With all the studies conducted, Murray states at the end of his article that there may be other explanations to the swing in mood disorders, but traveling throughout time zones is a logical reason behind the issues (288). These facts prove the depressive impact time zone travel has with the brain. Jet lag alone can cause someone to feel weary and out of it, but these studies help it to prove that there are other reasons that can cause someone to feel depressed or manic depressive after their traveling period.
Moreover, Kepnes says, “Our true home is being surrounded by the unknown.” He is stating that ‘home’ is an arbitrary entity th...

... middle of paper ...

...elieve that traveling can help cure their “wanderlust” or cause them to feel less “uptight;” however, the avid travelers can prove that there is an indescribable feeling after returning home that causes the feelings of aloneness and low motivation to arise due to the travel. This “post-trip depression” can cause some to fall into depressive states and relapse into something that could have previously happened such as a prior diagnosis of bipolar disorder or depression. Because of the many factors stating that travel wear someone down to a state of pure duress, traveling can cause depression and mood disorders among some. Consequently, traveling is still something that fills a void and allows the individual to be able to experience new experiences and take in the beauty of the world. Without having the ability to do that, some might fall into severe depressive states.

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