The Demolition of Privacy in Social Media Essay

The Demolition of Privacy in Social Media Essay

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In today’s society, if you ask a random person if he or she has a social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. most likely the answer will be yes. Users upload their personal information online to communicate and inform friends and families about their life, but what they fail to know is how large of a scale that data is watched under surveillance. Corporate companies and government officials are part of the group that uses other people’s information for their own purpose. Computer users are constantly watched whenever they search the Internet. Nothing is left unseen on the worldwide web. It is a violation of privacy if Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, and even the government to conduct a procedure on private information that users put on their profiles willingly for their own cause.
Social Media Websites such as Facebook and Twitter sell users’ information from their profiles to third parties organizations; even the government collects information to keep an eye on the United States, mostly for criminal activity. In today’s world, the act of privacy is broken, especially when it involves the Internet; plus, the government gathers information from online sources to keep an eye on everything. There must be more laws to enforce the activity of third parties selling people’s personal information. Collecting and using people’s data for the government and corporate companies’ use breaks the 1st Amendment when the data is being taken from Social Media Websites. Also, without laws to enforce the act of privacy the big corporate companies and the government work together to gain too much power that America will break away from their foundation of freedom.
Collecting and selling someone’s information from websites, i.e. Facebook, ...

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