The Importance Of Social Media Privacy

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The first concept about privacy that is important is location and whereabouts. I would put location at a seven on a scale of one to ten. I rated it this high mainly regarding things such as theft. When I was younger my friend’s mom posted a picture on a social media showing everyone that she was out of the country. A few days later her house was robbed and everything was stolen. Many people believe that this robbery happened because the robbers knew the family was out of town and did not have any fear of them coming home for a while. In my opinion I think that only family members and police should be able to have access to location services. In reality almost everyone has access to this info. They either know from something you have posted or they know because social medias share that info. Also many people have the knowledge to figure out your location even if you don’t share it. I think a way to improve the privacy in this area is to keep all social media accounts on private modes. This way you can maintain who views your stuff and keep the bad people from seeing it. The second concept regarding privacy in todays…show more content…
Social media presence is about a nine out of ten. As a sais before everything posted on social media is a huge risk. Once it has been posted then it never goes away. Where you post something to could endanger you and your family or if you post something that could hinder you from getting a job. The people that can see your info should only be the people that you want to see it. You should block every person this seems suspicious or creepy. In reality, I know that the creators of every social media page has access. Other than them I would guess that there is a way for people who do not “follow” you can still have access to your account and all the information that you have posted. The only way to make this more private is to either not use social or to limit the things that you
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