The Democratic System Of The Electoral College Essay

The Democratic System Of The Electoral College Essay

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so prominent that there was deliberation that created institutions that created the electoral college, in order to combat this specific problem (Federalist Papers, 68). Furthermore, the democratic system is based upon the simply supposition that if a politician acts in the detriment of his people, then his people will refrain from electing him once again. The challenge is stemmed from the premise that this can occur, and must be remedied by conclusive, accurate information that results in a wise electorate.
Continually, once these citizens, who may be uninformed or misled, elect an agent to represent themselves as a community, this poor judgement may result in varying amounts of agency loss, where the elected official is malicious and corrupt. Moreover, as mentioned before, an informed electorate is essential to a functional and healthy democracy, yet this is rendered useless where there are malicious actors attempting to subvert the will of the citizenry -- the voting process is the strongest means by which we hold our government accountable (FBI), and this process becoming fraudulent, could lead to a variety of conclusions, such as electing a corrupt official, which many citizens fear (Riddell, pg. 1), and for good reason. A challenge in democracy is keeping the electoral process (the backbone of democracy) a consistent and reliable method of selecting our government.
In any modern democracy, there lies the possibility that the majority of the citizens who vote on an issue may be on the wrong side of history -- this may be moral, economic, or diplomatic; poor decisions made by a democratic country is rooted in the very fabric and construction of democracy -- sometimes the majority may simply be wrong. This component of democra...

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... point, it can be argued that a democratic republic is a government that phases in and out of dictatorship.
Lastly, In the analysis of democracy, we must recognize that it is not the perfect system of governance, yet, it is vastly superior to the other forms of governance that are well known -- the biggest challenges that arise within the scope of democracy come from a lack of order and from the unpredictability of human nature. Democracy can be known to be unpredictable, selfish, and extremely unforgiving (Crick, pg. 1), yet, it does remain a way of life (Crick, pg. 9) for those who live in it. Democracy faces many challenges, such as the intelligence of the electorate (Winston Churchill), the spread of accurate information, the structure of the system, and many, many more. Despite this, the system of democracy can only be amended, to serve us better in the future.

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